Making the Change

Schools need to rethink learning targets, assessments and strategies for teaching and learning. The Colorado academic standards point us in new directions, but it’s up to educators to figure out how to provide learning experiences that uphold those standards.

C21L can help you implement the new standards and create learning For the 21st century in your schools. We will work with you to develop practical strategies for infusing 21st century learning into curriculum, instruction and assessments.

C21L helps educators transform schooling into powerful learning that serves everyone’s needs – the kids and the adults who educate them.

Collaboration at work! Posted by Donita Torres, Aurora Public Schools.

Our Services

C21L’s primary services include:

21st century learning audits and program evaluation;

Coaching and presentations for specific 21st century learning practices (e.g., inquiry, assessment, and effective use of technology);

Support for planning and change.

Details about these services:

Assess and Plan. C21L’s 21st century learning audits help districts and schools pinpoint what’s working and consider realistic improvements.Puzzle
Our Classroom Observation, Building Walkthrough, and “Learning For” Assessment tools help to identify existing assets and promising practices.
We facilitate strategic planning to help educators tap their own creativity and expertise in developing a shared vision for 21st century learning in their schools.
We also provide development and operational support for district online learning programs.

Learn and Do.  C21L provides useful tools and strategies to help educators move beyond conventional teaching. These include:

Promising Practices in 21st Century Learning.  This series of video segments shows Colorado teachers who are implementing new classroom practices.

CoLearning Network. C21L is partnering with educators across the state to create a collaborative learning network. We also support PLCs within individual school districts as they work to incorporate 21st century skills into new standards. C21L WorkingShops offer tailored, ongoing support for teams' prioritized needs.

Workskops. C21L offers a range of workshops and presentations that help educators explore and prepare to implement the various aspects of 21st century learning. All workshop and presentations are adapted to the particular times, needs, and interests of the participants.

Workshop and presentation topics include:

• Learning In and For the 21st century;
• Inquiry-based learning;
• Creating powerful learning in the NCLB classroom;
• Assessment for learning;
• 21st century learning by design;
• Lessons of powerful learning;
• Incorporating standards for 21st century learning;
• Disrupting Class -- 2020 vision for schools
• Learning in chaos.

Individualized Learning. We help districts implement hybrid and online learning programs for both students and educators, path-based advisory practices, and other methods for addressing unique learner needs.


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“C21L opened our eyes to what we could be doing to prepare students for their futures. The best part is that C21L creates opportunities for teachers to shine – to use their own inner creativity and innovation without having to throw out everything we’re already doing.”

Carlos Lopez, Principal,
French Elementary School
Colorado Springs


“I found the time to plan with my team to be the most valuable part… . It was structured, dare I say, perfectly. We wouldn’t have been able to plan as effectively if we hadn’t had the front-loaded learning.”

Pikes Peak Regional WorkingShops participant


“It helped me clarify my understanding of 21st century skills and how to present them in my district.”

– North Metro Regional WorkingShops participant


“It created great dialogue with my team, and brought on many ‘A-HA’ moments.”

– Pikes Peak Regional WorkingShops participants


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